MS Access Corrupt Database Recovery: How and When?

Step 1: Think of Some Rapid Way to Recover accdb or mdb File: User might be facing problem due to corrupted or damaged MDB files. Without further delay, find solution for MS Access Corrupt Database Recovery to quickly come out of this problem of corrupted Access files. Take some quick action; otherwise, user might lose crucial data stored in MDB files.

Step 2: Fix on Some Suitable Method to Get Back Lost MDB Data: It is better to search for some feasible method. Don’t try just any method, because a wrong method can further pose problems for you. Strive for some reliable remedy, so that, user can recover data without any alteration to it.

Step 3: Trust Access File Recovery Tool that Doesn’t Harm Data: To get back Access database contents as present in the original MDB files, trust on access file recovery tool to fix mdb file. This easy-to-use tool can repair damaged accdb or mdb file easily. This tool is so convenient to use and also it can completely repair file instantly. This user-friendly tool can help to repair database files by just following simple instructions coming consecutively on user system interface. Even a novice user finds no difficulty in using this tool and can easily repair corrupt Access file comfortably.

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Top Main Reasons behind MS Access Corrupt Database.

  • Reason1: Frequently updating and changing data in Memo fields may increases the chances of corruption within MS Access database file. It mostly results from a problem with a VBA module and does not pose a risk of data loss.
  • Reason2: MS Access MDB / ACCDB file marked as corrupted due to sudden network failure or power loss while filling MS Access data.
  • Reason3: Sometime corruption may also occur due to a virus infected file. When Access database used that infected file, the infection spread all over database and Database file get corrupted.
  • Reason4: Corruption may occur due to Hardware failures, these hardware can be a lost packets on network cards or a bad storage sectors of hard disk or any other.
  • Reason5: Third party plug-ins can also be the reason behind Access database Corruption.
  • Reason6: Sometimes bugs in MS Access and Jet database can even corrupt Access MDB / ACCDB files.

MS Access Corrupt Database Recovery Valid Options.

Whenever Corruption occurs the first thought come is "To Concern with Microsoft Experts or Send data to Microsoft data center". There are various other option for MS Access corrupt database recovery, before choosing the above option. Here we will go through steps to handle MS Access database corruption by user itself.

1. If, any Recent Healthy Backup available, User can restore it from Backup.

2. Run Compact Jet Utility but this works for minor corruption only.

3. Use Compact & Repair inbuilt command to repair corrupt Access database file. Follow the steps to run 'Compact & Repair' and repair:

  • Open Access Database >> Click on Database Tools >> Select Compact & Repair
  • Choose Corrupted MDB / ACCDB file >> Click OK
  • If repair process completes successfully, Save Recovered database.

4. Create New database and Import corrupted database file to this newly created database. Follow below procedure:

  • Click and Create new MS Access Database file
  • GOTO External Data tab >> Now Click on Import Access Database
  • In new window Click on Browse >> Select the corrupt File
  • Now Specify place to store data in new database>> Click OK
  • Select all database objects >> Click Ok to import

In case unable to repair MS Access database using above solution and the corruption persist. Third party best Access file recovery software could be a reliable solution in such scenario or send to data center. Let's talk about one of the secure 3rd party Repair Utility.

Key Features to MS Access Corrupt Database Repair

  • Repair Corrupted segments of MDB and ACCDB files and restore primary and unique keys
  • Recover deleted table, macros, forms, classes and other items from access database
  • Preview of Access database items before recovery, so user can repair only required items
  • Provide selective item option to repair selected tables from large bundle of table
  • Allow user to save files in different formats and with schema or schema with data options
  • User can also select the destination folder to store the repaired database files
  • Complete progress report is shown with details so user can check it